Email & Mailing List Deliverability: What You Need to Know

Procured cold lead lists can be valuable assets to marketers. They provide access to hundreds or even thousands of potential future customers via email or direct mail marketing. There are aspects of procured lists that are frequently misunderstood, however. Deliverability is one of the most frequent topics of confusion. A common belief among those new to purchasing a list is that it’s a simple, two-step process. Step 1: Purchase a list. Step 2: Market to the contacts on the list and put our messaging into the inboxes or mailboxes of everyone on it. If only it worked that way… In [...]

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How to Get the Most Out of List and Data Services

Let’s develop some eye-catching marketing pieces with compelling messages, buy a list of prospects in our industry and start executing campaigns. That’s the marketing approach many companies take. Sounds good, right? Well… not quite. While it’s the right idea, the steps are out of order. The first step of any marketing campaign is to identify your ideal customer. Once you know who that is, you’ve got to find a list of more prospects like them BEFORE you start developing your creative. It doesn’t make sense to shoot before you aim. Without precisely managed list and data work, marketing isn’t targeted, [...]

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Build the Best List

List building is an essential task for any business. A database containing detailed information about existing customers and highly qualified prospects and leads is the fuel that powers sales and marketing. Without a quality list, it’s much tougher to drive sustainable growth. This article will explore some of the common ways your company can build the best list possible. First, let’s take a look at the changes in the list-building process. The Rise of Big Data Before the Digital Revolution, list building was a tedious task that yielded only basic data like contact information. A list of prospective customers would [...]

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