Marketing Quick Tip: Get Social

Yeah, we’ve heard it before… “My customers aren’t on Facebook” or “My LinkedIn Page hasn’t gotten me one sale!” Guess what? We don’t doubt it, but our hunch is you might be looking at it incorrectly! So many B2Bs are quick to discount the power of social media because they assume the objective is about getting followers & likes… and it’s not. 79% of online adults are on Facebook & 133 million people in the US have a LinkedIn account. For B2B, the power of social comes when you target your ideal prospect, throw an ad in front of them [...]

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Project Recap: PolyJohn Lead Generation

If you are looking to increase the number of leads in your funnel, give us a call. Here's an example of something we did for PolyJohn. Need Help with Your List & Data Services? READY? FIRE! AIM! That’s how many marketing campaigns are executed (pun intended). Without precisely managed data and list work, target marketing is not so targeted. Adventure Marketing Solutions always puts the “AIM” before the “FIRE.” We are the data experts. Our services can be as simple as cleaning up your customer lists or as complex as our IDeal™ Customer Discovery process. When we provide you with [...]

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How to Up Your Web Development Game

Providing visitors a memorable and enjoyable experience is essential to any great website. However, if a site doesn’t function properly, great web design quickly loses its appeal. Whether you’ve got an in-house team or utilize a vendor, it’s essential that they ensure your website contains equal parts function and form. Tips for Your Web Development To get the most out of your site, consider these tips when going through the web development process: Get the Most Bang for Your Buck — There are various methods of web design and development, and each comes with a different price tag. Keep your [...]

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Project Recap: LMK Technologies Ad

Need a great-looking ad to tell your story? We can help! Check out this ad we did for LMK Technologies. Need Help with Your Graphic Design? Oftentimes, a potential customer’s initial impression of your business is accompanied by a graphic representation of your brand. Whether it be a business card left behind by a sales rep, a product brochure, postcard, website or advertisement, prospective customers will make decisions based on content and overall aesthetic appeal… or lack thereof. Great design is a rarity… It isn’t just creating something that looks good on screen. Great design is creating with an intended [...]

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Meet the Employee: Erik Connelly

We have an Army of Experts ready to go to work for you. Our “Meet the Employee” posts give you the chance to learn a little more about them. Today, we feature Partner & Production Expert Erik Connelly. WHAT IS THE BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT ADVENTURE? The people I work with! A lot of fun & witty people with a great passion for being part of a great work team! Makes it fun to come to work! IF YOU COULD HAVE ONE MEAL EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Pizza, thin crust with sausage, sauce [...]

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Marketing Quick Tip: Stand Out!

In “Target Smarter,” “Personification” and “Voice of Customer” you documented and validated what your buyers are looking for, why they buy and what channels they use. Now, it’s time to put it all together and go to market! Determine your sales & marketing budget and begin researching the most cost-effective ways to get the most out of the channels your prospects frequent. We typically find a balance of traditional & digital tactics bode well in the B2B space. Because you’ve done much of the legwork up front, execution of individual tactics is now easier to deploy because you are now [...]

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Project Recap: Modern Optical International Catalog

Another Modern Optical International Catalog in the books! Design, Photography, Print & Mail. Need Help with Your Commercial Printing? Take refuge in an industry leader in modern marketing that guarantees print isn’t dying, only evolving. Adventure’s roots are in printing, but over the years, we’ve transformed to become a full-service marketing agency. We have in-house production capabilities and an extensive network of highly rated vendors in our list of contacts, so we can help you save money and get your project turned around quickly. Our standard commercial printing capabilities include: 1-Color to 8-Color + Coatings Up to 81” Sheet Size [...]

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How To Create The PERFECT Digital Sales Funnel [And What To Avoid]

Whether you know it or not, if you are reading this RIGHT NOW, you are in our sales funnel. Scared? Don’t be. Most likely, whether you’ve known it or not, you’ve been a part of other businesses’ sales funnels. The purpose of this article is to show you exactly how a digital sales funnel should be set up and what you need to know to do it yourself for your organization. From a 50,000-foot view, at this exact moment, you are here: First, let's get on the same page with regards to the definitions and goals at each stage of [...]

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9 Hacks To Lower Your Print & Mail Costs Without Sacrificing Quality & Service

Introduction 56% of customers find print marketing to be the most trustworthy type of marketing.- Rochester Institute of Technology Contrary to popular belief, print is most definitely NOT dead. Yes, the Digital Revolution took some of the attention away from paper, but printing and mailing are still very necessary — and effective — in the business world. One of the knocks against printing and mailing services is that they can be expensive. However, there are ways (some little-known to everyone but the industry experts) to keep more money in your pockets without sacrificing quality or impact with your projects. You [...]

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