Check Out Our New Conference Room!

If you have a moment, let us know what you think of our new conference room. To increase square footage, we knocked down a wall between two offices and we now comfortably seat 20 people. The new conference room features: • Custom Conference Table – Check out the custom 600 lb., 12’ x 4’ conference table made from 190-year-old reclaimed southern pine with custom-branded metal inlay logo. Thanks to Filament & Revival Designs by Mark for collaborating on this beauty! • Wrap-Around Bench Seating • 83” TV with (2) 50” TVs on each side – There isn’t a bad seat [...]

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Top 47 Tradeshow Giveaways of 2020

83% of exhibitors agreed that “Building, expanding brand awareness” is a high-priority marketing-related objective for tradeshows. – CEIR Changing Environment Study The primary goal of tradeshow exhibitors is to attract leads that can be engaged and nurtured until they become customers. A secondary goal for many companies is to make an impression on booth visitors who are not willing to give up their information just yet. Building brand awareness with these prospects is important so that they’ll recall your business and look into your products and services when they have a need or pain point. For this reason, it’s become [...]

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Case Study: The Drop Shop Dye-Sublimated Jerseys

Promoting the Brand with Custom Wearables The Client The Drop Shop was the rigging provider and gear store located within Skydive Chicago, a world-class skydiving resort and one of our neighbors in Ottawa, IL. In addition to skydiving activities, Skydive Chicago offers camping, disc golf, swimming, hiking, volleyball and rental space for events. The Work The Drop Shop wanted to help customers look good and feel good while also promoting the Skydive Chicago brand. Their garments of choice were custom dye-sublimated jerseys. The challenge for Adventure was creating a trendy design that utilized the brand’s colors and logo and then [...]

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Project Recap: PolyJohn Magazine Ads

Check out this ad we designed for our client, PolyJohn. We provided product photography along with some Photoshop work to create this seasonal ad. Need Help with Your Graphic Design? Oftentimes, a potential customer’s initial impression of your business is accompanied by a graphic representation of your brand. Whether it be a business card left behind by a sales rep, a product brochure, postcard, website or advertisement, prospective customers will make decisions based on content and overall aesthetic appeal… or lack thereof. Great design is a rarity… It isn’t just creating something that looks good on screen. Great design is [...]

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The Business Owner’s Guide to Understanding (Not Executing) Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an essential business activity in the 21st century. However, understanding and executing digital marketing campaigns and proving their ROI is a challenge for even experienced marketers, let alone someone who isn’t immersed in them on a daily basis. As a business owner, you’ve got limited bandwidth. You’re managing a multitude of departments and responsibilities. You just don’t have the time to become a marketing pro, which is why you’ve got marketers working for you — either in-house or a marketing agency. With that being said, every business owner should have a basic understanding of digital marketing and [...]

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Case Study: Dekker Vacuum Marketing Automation

Using Marketing Automation to Elevate Sales The Client Dekker Vacuum, located in Michigan City, IN, is one of the top manufacturers and distributors of vacuum pumps and systems in the industry. The company has operated since 1998 and supports its customers by delivering top-performing technologies, application knowledge and technical support. The Work Dekker wanted to give its demand-generation efforts a shot in the arm. After strategizing with Adventure, it was determined that marketing automation was a solution that could produce the kind of results they were hoping for. The effort has been ongoing since 2016 and has covered many of [...]

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The Business Owner’s Guide to Grading Your Marketing Partner

As a business owner, you’ve got a lot on your plate and don’t have the time to micromanage every aspect of the company. It’s not necessary to understand all tasks performed by each employee. As long as there’s proof that they’re contributing to the betterment of the company, you’re happy, right? This proof is collected through an evaluation process. Just like you evaluate the employees who work under your roof, it’s important to evaluate the external entities you employ, such as your marketing partner. (We’re assuming you work with at least one marketing partner, otherwise, you wouldn’t have clicked on [...]

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Project Recap: Finalized Electri-Flex Backwall

We showed you an “in-progress” design of this back in August and now it is wrapped up and in use! Thanks to Electri-Flex for letting us help with the design, photography and production of their new tradeshow display. Need Help With Your Tradeshow Display? Tradeshows play an important role in introducing and supporting your company’s brand. Whether you are making a first impression or nurturing an existing relationship, our innate marketing sense effortlessly compliments your brand by balancing cost-effectiveness with function and form. Whether you are exhibiting on a tabletop at a small community event or with an entire tradeshow booth at your [...]

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Case Study: Carus Promotional Products

Year-End Branded Swag The Client Carus, headquartered in Peru, IL, is an international provider of innovative, quality products that help solve environmental concerns. The company’s four key vertical markets are Municipal, Industrial, Hazardous Remediation and Air Purification. The Work Near the end of each year for the past several years, Carus has utilized Adventure’s graphic design and procurement capabilities for promotional products. It’s their way of using up the remainder of their annual marketing budget for employee gifts and client giveaways, both of which help boost brand awareness. The end-of-year branded swag covers a range of product categories. It typically [...]

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