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Attracting New Leads & Marketing Automation

Thanks to the numerous inbound and outbound marketing channels that now exist, it has become much easier to get in front of niche audiences and ideal prospects. By implementing technology, many companies are doing well attracting new leads. However, those same companies sometimes struggle to maintain cohesion with their leads. In many cases, the approach of gathering new leads is disjointed. For example, a single business can generate leads through social media ads, cold calls made by salespeople, trade publication ads, tradeshows and more. While it’s encouraging to have leads coming in from a variety of sources, it’s not uncommon [...]

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Introduction to Marketing Automation

Think about the growth potential for your business if your salespeople could spend the majority of their time focusing on only the hottest prospects. What if leads could automatically be engaged and nurtured through the buyer’s journey, eventually becoming “buy-ready” and being turned over to the sales team waiting to close the deal? What used to be a sought-after dream is now a reality. The evolution of technology has made a tremendous impact on the way companies do business, and one of the innovations that has taken off over the last decade is marketing automation. Broadly defined, marketing automation is [...]

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The Importance of Goal Setting & KPIs

One of the obstacles some marketers run into is that they rush to execution. Picture a marketer who has spent a lot of time developing a strategy and creating a good message. They’ve done everything right and think they have everything in order to start generating business, so they move forward and launch their campaigns. Once they get to market, maybe they start generating some leads and even close a few deals. Everything seems to be going well until they go to analyze their campaigns so they can make improvements and experiment with new channels. At that point, they realize [...]

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Stand Out from the Competition

A thoroughly developed marketing strategy will get you to the point where you are able to select the most efficient channels to target the most profitable prospects for your business at their maximum impact points in the buyer’s journey. However, your business will likely be using many of the same channels as your competitors. In order to maximize your ROI, it’s crucial that you stand out from the competition. Providing superior products and services may seem like the obvious way to get a leg up on competitors, but the fact that your company is better isn’t always as obvious to [...]

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Achieve Synergy with Omni-Bound Marketing

Previously, we discussed channel selection and introduced the concept of omni-bound marketing, which combines inbound and outbound marketing strategies. Omni-bound marketing and channel selection go hand-in-hand, so some of the information in this article may sound familiar. However, the thing to keep in mind is that channel selection is just one part of the bigger picture, while omni-bound marketing IS the bigger picture that encompasses a variety of components. But before we dive into the nuts and bolts of omni-bound marketing, let’s review the reason it was developed. A Marketing Conflict Prior to the rise of the personal computer, traditional [...]

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Introduction to AIM-360™

Modern marketing is complex and requires a research-driven strategy and the work of several individuals in order to make an impact on prospects. Effective marketing is just as crucial as superior products, so it’s important that everyone who is involved in the process thinks of themselves as a marketing engineer. Meet AIM-360™ You can’t build a machine without a good blueprint. Similarly, you can’t win in the marketplace without a good process. If you can create a lead-generating machine, you can continually engage with your current customers while also identifying, attracting and converting new prospects. Here at Adventure Marketing Solutions, [...]

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Keys to Efficient Channel Selection

If you’ve been following along with our posts, you’re about to see the action pick up. We’ve finally gotten through the preparation stage, and we shared tips on how to craft content that your prospects will find valuable. Once your creative team gets to work, you’ll enjoy seeing the result as science and art come together. Your next challenge is to find the best methods to deliver your content — and not just to get it in front of prospects, but to get them to respond. The channel selection process is more complex than ever. This is due to the [...]

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Keywords: Not Just for Google

Once you’ve validated your personas’ value propositions and your own company USPs, you can get to work developing keywords. This is the third and final principle of developing effective messaging. When you think of keywords, the first thing that comes to mind is likely Google or another search engine. This comes as no surprise. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the hot topic in digital marketing. But as important as SEO is, it’s not the only consideration when it comes to keywords. Why Develop Keywords? Content is king! Regardless of which channel you will eventually use to deploy your messaging, your [...]

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The Importance of USPs

In our last post, we discussed how message creation has changed due to the Digital Revolution. Because buyers are more informed than ever, it has become more challenging for businesses to make a connection with their target audiences. In order to facilitate one-on-one conversations with personas, you must first discover and validate their value propositions — the things they value most when purchasing a product or service. Your company doesn’t have any control over your prospects’ value propositions; they are what they are. However, you do have control over the second principle of developing effective messaging: Unique Selling Propositions (USPs). [...]

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The Importance of Value Propositions

Our previous articles have focused on the various steps and tactics you can use to zero in on your most profitable prospects. We covered how to target prospects by gathering data and using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as part of a Quadrant Analysis. We also explained the process of identifying purchase decision makers and influencers, as well as the creation of personas to get inside your prospects’ heads. Finally, we mapped out the buyer’s journey and described maximum impact points to aid in the strategy of when and how to speak to your audience. All of that work has led [...]

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