Why You Should Be Doing Buyer’s Journey Mapping Before You Begin Marketing

If you know the right accounts to target and have identified commonalities in the people that hold the power to choose your company over your competitors, you can start thinking about how to reach prospective buyers. We say “thinking about” because you’re still in the strategy phase. There’s still research and planning that must be done before you start taking action and launching your marketing tactics. Your next task is to do buyer’s journey mapping. The Buyer’s Journey Mapping Process Buyer’s journey mapping documents each persona’s journey through the three stages of the purchase decision process: Awareness – The prospect [...]

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Business Model Development: Build on a Strong Foundation

It’s inevitable that every business will eventually face challenges associated with growth and decline. Most fail to maximize potential, sustain growth or turnaround a decline because their business model is either not understood, relevant or sustainable. Building a business or marketing plan without a solid business model is foolish. It’s like building a house without a solid foundation — it may be fine in the short term, but it can quickly crumble. This article will provide some tips and insight for effective business model development. Better Business Model Development A solid business model is built on critical foundational pillars that [...]

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An Overview of Persona Creation

A pair of our recent posts, Find More Customers Like Your Best Customers and Market Intelligence Reports: Detailed Insights Into Your Best Markets, provided information to help you target your ideal accounts or companies. But at the end of the day, B2B sales is a people-to-people business. To make a sale, you’ve got to convince the people within a target company — specifically the decision-makers and influencers — that they will benefit from purchasing your products or services. In order to effectively communicate with these people, you need to have an idea of who they are and what makes them [...]

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Market Intelligence Reports: Detailed Insights Into Your Best Markets

In one of our recent posts, we detailed how to Find More Customers Like Your Best Customers. If you haven’t read it yet, do it now, because it ties into this post. Once you know which markets make the most sense for you to target, you need to learn more about them. The more you can learn about your targets — the challenges they face, their buying trends, the opportunities that are available, etc. — the better you’ll be able to craft your sales and marketing strategies to appeal to them. One way to learn about your target audience is [...]

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How to Get the Most Out of List and Data Services

Let’s develop some eye-catching marketing pieces with compelling messages, buy a list of prospects in our industry and start executing campaigns. That’s the marketing approach many companies take. Sounds good, right? Well… not quite. While it’s the right idea, the steps are out of order. The first step of any marketing campaign is to identify your ideal customer. Once you know who that is, you’ve got to find a list of more prospects like them BEFORE you start developing your creative. It doesn’t make sense to shoot before you aim. Without precisely managed list and data work, marketing isn’t targeted, [...]

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