Why Sales Support is Critical to Your Business Success

Most modern buyers will find your company without the assistance of a salesperson. As we first noted in our post An Overview of the Path of B2B Buyers, 72% of Active Buyers search Google using basic keywords and phrases, and 96% will visit your website first BEFORE reaching out to sales. That being said, business-to-business sales is still a people-to-people business, and your sales team must have the tools and resources needed to increase conversion rates. Without sales support, your company will have more difficulty keeping the sales funnel full. Unifying Your Sales & Marketing To increase lead generation, your [...]

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The Importance of Strategy in Sales & Marketing

How important is strategy in sales and marketing? Allow us to use a metaphor to explain... If you’ve ever been fishing (and even if you haven’t) you know that catching the keeper fish you’re hoping for isn’t easy. To have success, you have to use the right kind of tackle and bait. You have to fish the right body of water at the right depth at the right time of day. You need to know whether you should fish from the shore or on a boat and if you should troll or cast. Yes, there’s always a chance you could [...]

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10 Questions Sales & Marketing Execs Should Know About Today’s B2B Buyers

How well do you know today's B2B buyers? A glimpse at your company’s sales should give you a pretty good idea. If you experience consistent year-over-year growth, you know buyers well. If your sales are flatlining or decreasing, you may need to take a closer look at the path of B2B buyers and tweak your sales and marketing strategies. You don’t need to go bother your accounting department to scrutinize the numbers. We’ve got a quick and easy way for you to measure your knowledge of today’s B2B buyers. The 10-question quiz below will confirm your B2B brilliance or point [...]

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Make an Impact with Your Tradeshow Displays

Tradeshows play an important role in introducing and supporting your company’s brand. Whether you are making a first impression or nurturing an existing relationship, you can “say” a lot about your company with strategically designed tradeshow displays. It doesn’t matter if you are exhibiting on a tabletop at a small community event or with a large floor display at your industry’s biggest show, it’s critical that your displays blend function and form and complement your brand and overall sales and marketing strategy. Tips for Your Tradeshow Displays Tradeshow displays aren’t just props; they’re marketing tools that aid in telling your [...]

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An Overview of the Path of B2B Buyers

How do you ensure your marketing succeeds in engaging and converting B2B buyers? Broadly put, you’ve got to engage the RIGHT lead on the RIGHT channel with the RIGHT message. In order to do that, get out of your own head and put yourself in your prospective buyers’ shoes. How do they research their purchases? What are they looking for? How are they looking for it? What do they need before they commit to a purchase? All these considerations make up what is called the path of B2B buyers (or the buyer’s journey), and understanding it will make it easier [...]

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Should You Hire an In-House Marketing Person or a Marketing Agency?

It’s a no-brainer that every company needs marketing in order to grow. Without marketing, even if you have a product or service that “sells itself,” your business success will only go as far as your salespeople and word of mouth can take you. For most businesses, it’s not far enough. They just don’t have the sales force to go out and dominate the marketplace. It’s almost inevitable that businesses aiming to crush the competition and become the clear leader in their industry come to the realization that they need to ramp up their marketing efforts. That typically means either bringing [...]

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