Introduction to Content Marketing

You’ve probably heard the term “content marketing” used a lot lately. It’s been a heavily discussed industry topic in recent years. However, not all marketers have been able to get on the same page. There are many misconceptions floating around about content marketing, and there is confusion about what it actually is and how it works. The purpose of this article is to shed some light on the topic, clear up some of the confusion and separate fact from fiction. So what is content marketing? According to the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is the practice of creating relevant and [...]

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Direct Mail in the Modern Era

Traditional direct mail is a very effective marketing channel. It’s extremely targeted and allows companies to speak to very specific audiences. It’s also one of the most intrusive channels there is. Recipients must look at the piece for at least a little bit — it’s a guaranteed touch. We discussed maximizing direct mail ROI in great detail in our last post. Check it out if you missed it! There are two basic goals with direct mail in the modern era of marketing. The first is getting conversions from the initial mailing. This is when targets receive your mailer, see the [...]

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How to Maximize Direct Mail ROI

With all of the marketing channels that now exist, it can be easy to overlook direct mail. It’s not new, and it’s not digital — characteristics that inbound marketers will insist are essential in the modern marketing era. However, there’s a reason it has survived all these years. Contrary to the beliefs of some, direct mail is still a very viable way to get noticed by existing or prospective customers. One of the hesitations some companies have with direct mail is cost. It’s true that printing and postage costs mean it’s a little more expensive per impression than several other [...]

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Keys to Tradeshow Success

Tradeshow attendance is a standard marketing tactic for most companies. It provides the unique opportunity to gain direct access to hundreds of potential and existing clients in one place in the span of just a few days. A well-executed tradeshow program is arguably the most effective way to generate quality leads and strengthen relationships with current customers, which will increase loyalty and lead to sustainable growth. It doesn’t get any better than face-to-face meetings, and tradeshows are an ideal platform to facilitate them. According to B2B Content Marketing: 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends — North America, marketers identified in-person events [...]

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