Using Marketing Automation to Grow Loyalty

One of the challenges of marketing is finding the right balance between adding new customers and getting continual business from existing customers. You may think that business is business and it doesn’t matter where you are getting your revenue. However, the importance of customer loyalty can’t be understated. According to Gartner, 80% of companies’ future revenue will come from 20% of their existing customers. You may look at that statistic and think it’s a no-brainer to have your company’s salespeople shift their primary focus to current customers. But the thing is, existing customers don’t demand much one-on-one human interaction in [...]

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Using Marketing Automation to Interact with Prospects

In our last post, we discussed the ways marketing automation benefits businesses when attracting new leads. It’s exciting when leads bite on marketing hooks and submit their contact information, but many companies do not proceed effectively. According to MarketingSherpa, 61% of B2B marketers send all leads directly to sales. However, only 27% of those leads will be qualified. A key takeaway from those statistics is that not all leads are equal. Some will be close to buy-ready, while others may be gathering information. Some may be looking for a long-term supplier of goods and services, while others may be looking [...]

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Attracting New Leads & Marketing Automation

Thanks to the numerous inbound and outbound marketing channels that now exist, it has become much easier to get in front of niche audiences and ideal prospects. By implementing technology, many companies are doing well attracting new leads. However, those same companies sometimes struggle to maintain cohesion with their leads. In many cases, the approach of gathering new leads is disjointed. For example, a single business can generate leads through social media ads, cold calls made by salespeople, trade publication ads, tradeshows and more. While it’s encouraging to have leads coming in from a variety of sources, it’s not uncommon [...]

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Introduction to Marketing Automation

Think about the growth potential for your business if your salespeople could spend the majority of their time focusing on only the hottest prospects. What if leads could automatically be engaged and nurtured through the buyer’s journey, eventually becoming “buy-ready” and being turned over to the sales team waiting to close the deal? What used to be a sought-after dream is now a reality. The evolution of technology has made a tremendous impact on the way companies do business, and one of the innovations that has taken off over the last decade is marketing automation. Broadly defined, marketing automation is [...]

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