Creating Personas & Offering Solutions

In our previous post, we guided you through the process of targeting. The information you obtain from targeting helps you pinpoint your best prospective market segments. However, targeting is just one piece in a much larger puzzle. It’s a technical, scientific process that helps you narrow down a huge group of prospects to select segments of top targets. Now, you need to bring those segments to life. The next step in the marketing process is creating personas, which prepares you for communicating with and winning over actual customers. Why Develop Personas? Even though we call our sector B2B (Business to [...]

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Targeting Your Most Profitable Prospects

As a B2B, you probably sell to a wide array of customers. Wouldn’t it be great to attract more customers from each category? SURE WOULD! Unfortunately, that kind of marketing initiative requires A LOT of money, manpower and effort. Remember, you can’t be everything to everyone. Your marketing should bring you new customers — the most profitable new customers — so your business can grow. Targeting only your most profitable prospects is a realistic way to increase your share of market. Why Targeting is Important There are a couple of big reasons why it’s critical to target. The first is [...]

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7 Fundamentals of Marketing Success

Are your current marketing efforts generating sales today while promoting growth for the future? Is your marketing plan as effective and efficient as it can be? If so, consider us impressed. Marketing is tough, especially in today’s digital age. B2Bs in particular face a unique set of challenges in trying to reach, and ultimately convert, their target markets. Every company and every marketing strategy is different, but there are important principles that every successful marketing campaign possesses. Here at Adventure Marketing Solutions, we refer to them as the 7 Fundamentals of Marketing Success. They are especially useful for B2Bs, who [...]

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