Direct Mail

Direct Mail is the perfect tool to get noticed by existing or prospective clients. Unlike digital marketing channels that disappear with a click, Direct Mail puts your message right in the hands of your target audience, making it the ideal media to attract and engage.

ADventure is more than a direct mail house. By incorporating strategy, graphic design, copywriting, list & data services and printing, we can ensure you a Better way to cut through the clutter and demand response.

Here is what makes us Better:

  • Marketing DNA – By applying our inherent marketing expertise, we ensure brand consistency and balance between form & function to maximize impact on every project.
  • Omni-Bound Strategy – Increase your mail’s effectiveness by utilizing our inbound & outbound marketing strategists to develop effective marketing initiatives that command response.
  • List & Data Services – Every penny counts and mailing to bad addresses can blow your budget and skew your ROI. Ensure you have the most accurate and detailed data by adding a structured data cleansing process including list services like: merging & deduplication, address correction, NCOA, geocoding and geomatching.
  • List Procurement – By identifying your target audience, we can procure consumer and business lists based on a huge variety of prospect-specific demographics.
  • Propensity Lists – We have unprecedented access to data previously exclusive to Fortune 500 companies. Utilizing unique criteria designed to predict consumer behavior, as well as product & brand affinities, will increase a consumer’s likeliness to respond, convert & remain loyal.
  • Variable Data & Image Printing – By pairing the fluidity of digital print with an infinite set of variable data, you can now speak personally to any target through varying words and images that elicit the emotional response needed to convert sales.
  • EDDM – Target every house within a specific geographic area at a fraction of the cost of a first-class stamp.
  • ROI Mechanisms – Count down to impact with IMB Tracing and complement your mail’s arrival with triggered emails and phone calls sure to increase ROI. Also, determine your mail’s effectiveness in real time by incorporating ROI mechanisms like PURL & GURL landing pages.

Direct Mail Products

  • Postcards
  • Letters
  • Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Newsletters
  • Transactional Mailings
  • Membership Mailings
  • Creative Dimensional Mailers
  • Tube Mailings
  • Invitations

Standard Direct Mail

  • Addressing in Multiple Locations
  • Presorting
  • Variable Data & Image Printing
  • Digital Integration – PURLs, GURLs, QR Codes
  • Comailing
  • Match Mailing
  • Envelope Stuffing & Inserting
  • Wafer Sealing
  • Polybagging
  • Fulfillment
  • Graphic Design

Omni-Bound Marketing Integration:

Direct Mail is most effective when leveraged as part of an overall, cohesive solution that encompasses every angle of your marketing efforts.

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