Marketing Quick Tip: Stand Out!

In “Target Smarter,” “Personification” and “Voice of Customer” you documented and validated what your buyers are looking for, why they buy and what channels they use. Now, it’s time to put it all together and go to market! Determine your sales & marketing budget and begin researching the most cost-effective ways to get the most out of the channels your prospects frequent. We typically find a balance of traditional & digital tactics bode well in the B2B space. Because you’ve done much of the legwork up front, execution of individual tactics is now easier to deploy because you are now [...]

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Marketing Quick Tip: Determine the Micro & Macro

Marketing is all about conversions… not just converting the sale but stacking small victory on top of small victory in order to build momentum. Here, you need to identify the micro & macro conversions that signal intent and level of sales-readiness. Micro Conversions like lead magnet downloads, “contact us” page visits, newsletter signups and literature requests are the actions taken by a prospect that signal interest, but not necessarily buy-readiness. Macro Conversions like meeting or demo requests, emails, form submissions or phone calls are actions taken that send a strong signal of intent or buy-readiness. Both conversion types can vary by industry [...]

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Identify Your Best Customers with IDeal™ Customer Discovery

You know some of your customer relationships are more profitable than others. But which ones? If you knew for sure, you wouldn’t spend your time, energy and money to attract any customer that’s less than ideal. Well, now you can identify your most (and least) profitable customer relationships with our proprietary IDeal™ Customer Discovery process. How Does IDeal™ Customer Discovery Work? In short, IDeal™ Customer Discovery consists of our strategists at AMS creating a profitable customer profile (persona) we can use to find prospects that have the highest propensity to become your next home run relationship. Armed with the results, [...]

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Marketing Quick Tip: Voice of Customer

Just because you have a smart sales team that knows your buyers, doesn’t mean their gut instinct is always right. Validate the hypotheticals with voice of customer. Take the psychographic documentation from your Persona Profile Report, and reword each of your hypotheticals into questions. For example, if you determine one of your Value Propositions is your company’s ability to make the most durable products, rephrase to ask “What values do you find in our products, and why did you choose us?” Follow suit rewording each hypothesis, then use an unbiased third party to interview your clients and ask the questions. [...]

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Get a Custom Blueprint to Meet Your Marketing Goals & Increase Sales

Are you tired of bad marketers? Us, too. This is a time when marketing “experts” seem to be falling from the sky. Anyone with a website, blog, Facebook page and opinion thinks that their “magic marketing formula” will fast track your sales and make customers empty their pockets. And when the results don’t show, or that new, sure-fire tactic fizzles out, those experts are either gone or on to the next “big thing.” Sure, the sales and marketing world is evolving at a rapid pace, and there is a maddening amount of new marketing tactics and channels at our fingertips. [...]

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Go Big with Your Next New Project Launch

Every year, companies have new projects or special projects to get off the ground. These kinds of projects require innovation, but innovation can sometimes create chaos. For this reason, it’s critical to put significant thought into the strategy. Chaos can be avoided when the time is taken to understand and define the project goals. From there, comprehensive strategies can be implemented that directly support those goals. Here are some examples of new/special projects: Launching or testing a new product, line or division Offering a new service Unbiased examination and analysis of any current process, product or service Introducing new staff [...]

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Validate Your Hypotheticals with Voice of Customer

In our recent post An Overview of Persona Creation, we touched on the importance of validating your hypotheticals to confirm if your hunches about your buyers are correct. No scientist would claim “fact” without experimenting to prove or disprove their hypothesis. In the same way, no good marketer would go to market without first proving or disproving their beliefs about who their customers are and why they make the decisions they do. There are a few different ways to validate the personas you created, but one of the best is Voice of Customer. The Voice of Customer Process No one [...]

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Why You Should Be Doing Buyer’s Journey Mapping Before You Begin Marketing

If you know the right accounts to target and have identified commonalities in the people that hold the power to choose your company over your competitors, you can start thinking about how to reach prospective buyers. We say “thinking about” because you’re still in the strategy phase. There’s still research and planning that must be done before you start taking action and launching your marketing tactics. Your next task is to do buyer’s journey mapping. The Buyer’s Journey Mapping Process Buyer’s journey mapping documents each persona’s journey through the three stages of the purchase decision process: Awareness – The prospect [...]

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